Avvenire Spiritus is


Mine and manage crypto everywhere.

Introducing, Avvenire Nebula, the world’s first comprehensive cryptocurrency suite for EVs.  Nebula, exclusive with all Spiritus Orders, will allow you to mine cryptocurrency and make money as your car is parked, as well as using your dashboard to manage, send, and receive crypto on the go. Here is the breakdown:

Nebula Miner

Make money while you are parked.

With Nebula Miner, mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and more, while your car is plugged in, wireless charging, or parked. As every other car is depreciating while it sits in the garage, the Avvenire Spiritus will make you money. Access the Nebula Miner UI right from the cockpit of your Spiritus.

Imagine a world where you pay on the fly. Drive throughs, charging stations, highway tolls, curb side, online shopping. You will also be able to do all your online payments online via the Nebula wallet.

Nebula Wallet

The all-in-one solution for your day-to-day crypto needs.

Use the in-car Nebula Wallet app to collect Nebula Miner profits, and send, receive, or stake many coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Cardano and more. Park your car, let it mine, and use the Nebula Wallet app on your phone to manage your crypto on the fly.

Nebula Miner available only with Avvenire Spiritus – Solar charging, Super-fast, Rides like a dream.

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