Make Statements. Not Emissions.

Finally, the clean, green electric car of the future. Making the world a lighter, brighter place.

Supporting A Cleaner, Greener Future

Are you ready to get on the ground floor of the future of electric vehicles?
The Daymak Spiritus is a 3 wheel, 2 seater electric car. It rides like a go kart and loaded with features. This is not for everyone. This is for people who want more. This is for people who want to make a difference on the environment. Every ride to work or for pleasure will be an exciting one. With the Spiritus you aren’t just buying a car- you are making a statement, while you actively create a greener world. You will never again watch your wallet slowly empty as you fill your traditional car with tank after tank of fossil-fuel. You will be able to see and feel the difference and improved quality of life (and peace of mind) when you get in your sleek, beautifully engineered two-seater electric car that takes off and reaches full speed in seconds.

Redefine your ride, and redefine the world. 

An affordable and eco-friendly vehicle that provides the ultimate in commuter experiences. The Spiritus is sleek, quiet, highly efficient, and comes in both standard and fully-loaded luxury models, that includes optional auto-pilot, solar-trickle charging, and wifi connectivity, along with much more.

The Spiritus All-Electric car. A shockingly cool way to travel. 

It's Fully Electric!

Daymak is launching the zero-emission car to revolutionize Green Transportation: The Spiritus.

Placing your order helps produce the car faster.  First, it supports the growth and development of this revolutionary all-electric three-wheel urban commuter vehicle. Second, it confirms you first in line for this remarkable machine. Finally, the combined interest of our backers provides crucial community proof that the demand for affordable electric vehicles is very real- and very attainable. 

Have you put a deposit down on the Spiritus? Then you have taken the first personal step towards zero-emission travel for yourself, and you are now part of the giant leap that will change the future of electric transportation. 


Our team of engineers and designers took the time to carefully prototype the Spiritus using our years of industry experience to ensure a high performance, sleek and functional three wheeled electric car. With months of testing for safety as our primary focus, we’ve developed the framework for providing the world something new, exciting and of course electric.

From the unique three-wheel design, to its aerodynamic body shape the Spiritus will truly be a marvel for everyone who drives them. 

meet the spiritus deluxe and the spiritus ultimate

We believe that electric is the way of the future. That means transportation that is clean and accessible for everyone. With that in mind, we are drafting two versions of the Spiritus to offer something for everyone.

Looking for an accessible, utility commuter vehicle that still delivers on speed and style?  Look no further than the Spiritus Deluxe. 

$22,995 USD


150 kW (204 HP)

FWD, 2 In-wheel motors

5.0 sec

0 to 60 mph

140+ km/h (87 + mph)

Top Speed (limited)


1323lb / 600 kg

Curb weight


Drag coef.

Solar panels for non-mechanical systems
Regenerative braking


34 kWh (up to)

249 miles/ 400 km (up to)

Exterior Colours

Interior Colours

Deluxe features

Smart with key remote starter
App for register and configuration
Alarm system
Daytime Running Lights
Four Point Seatbelts
Rear hinged swan opening doors
Tires: 205/45 R17 Front 245/40 R18 Rear
Cryptocurrency mining
Crypto wallet

$149,000 USD


330 kW (449 HP)

AWD, 3 In-wheel motors

1.8 sec

0 to 60 mph

170+ km/h (105 + mph)

Top Speed (limited)


600 kg (1323 lb)

Curb weight


Drag coef.

Solar panels for non-mechanical systems
Regenerative braking


40 kWh
(up to)

300 miles/ 480 km
(up to)

Exterior Colours

Interior Colours

Ultimate features

Smart with key remote starter
App for register and configuration
Carbon fiber bodywork
Wireless charging
Daytime Running Lights
Autonomous driving features
Screen for co-pilot experience
Rear hinged swan opening doors
Tires: 225/35 R19 Front 245/40 R21 Rear
Torque vectoring (traction & stability control)
Custom paint colours available
Cryptocurrency mining
Crypto wallet

The Spiritus Deluxe is currently set at a price of $22,995 USD. The Spiritus Deluxe is designed to provide the same sleek, awesome look and incredible speed, while ensuring an accessible price point. By pre-ordering your Spiritus today will enjoy further savings from the retail price.

The Spiritus Ultimate is currently priced at $149,000 USD. This will be the lowest available price on the market. The Spiritus Ultimate is a car unlike any other. Designed to incorporate autonomous driving features, solar-trickle charging, GPS Alarm, an elite stereo entertainment system, reverse camera, total temperature control, and much, much more, this unique machine is for those who want to drive the car of the future- today.
Spiritus Deluxe Arcimoto Fuv Elec.Mech. Solo Tesla Model 3





249 miles/ 400 km (up to)
102miles / 164km
100miles / 161km
220miles / 354km
Top Speed
140+ km/h (87 + mph)
75mph / 121kph
80mph / 128kph
139mph / 224kph
Safety (Airbags)
Climate Control
Acceleration 0-60mph 0-100kph
5.0 sec
7.5 sec
10 sec
5.1 sec
Wireless Charging
Full Tech Interface
Bluetooth audio only
National Parts/Service Network
Established Dealer Network
Crypto Miner
Crypto Wallet

Tomorrow’s vehicles will feature an array of technology systems seamlessly integrated for the convenience of the driver. Daymak has been a champion for disruptive technologies since its inception, and the current crypto movement is a clear indication that by the 2023 Spiritus release date, we will be in the midst of the blockchain revolution. Everyone will be paying with crypto by then, and we are building these cars with that in mind.

The Daymak Spiritus will be the first electric car in history to mine cryptocurrency while it is parked, including Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Cardano, and more. This will be done through Daymak Nebula, our comprehensive cryptocurrency suite. From a touch of your Spiritus dashboard, you can access the Nebula Miner interface, as well as Nebula Wallet, where you can collect your miner profits, and pay/receive/stake many cryptocurrencies. Nebula Wallet will also be available on all smartphones.

Daymak Ondata Wireless Charging System

Daymak’s patented proprietary Ondata technology is more compact, more efficient, and cheaper than other wireless charging technologies available on the market today. Ondata boasts a 93% efficiency and coupled with the Avvenire AI-powered battery system, Daymak guarantees that its propulsion system will be the smartest, most technologically advanced propulsion system in the EV industry. Daymak Ondata is a symbol of Daymak’s continued commitment towards ensuring its customers are living limitless.

In addition to being the first stock EV wireless charging system on the market, Daymak Ondata will also be the first scalable wireless charging system in history. A cost-effective solution, any Daymak Ondata station will be able to charge a range of personal light electric vehicles, meaning the customer is not limited to one charging system per class.

We Are NOT A Startup

Don’t get us wrong, we love startups! We’ve all been there. But for us, the startup phase was almost twenty years ago. We aren’t a startup, working on a dream and a prayer. We are a vetted, tenured, international company with a track record of established market success, major distribution deals from entities we know you know of  (Costco, Walmart, we can go on), and we want YOU on the ground floor of our greatest and most compelling success yet.

Daymak was launched in 2001 by Aldo Baiocchi, with his vision to make a positive impact on the environment. He dreamed of developing his own green electric car to revolutionize the industry and make emission-free vehicles accessible for the average commuter.

Daymak started in a garage selling small escooters, then moved to ebikes in 2002, when they were mostly illegal to ride on the road. Yet, Daymak has always been ahead of the times, and today, we are one of the North American Leaders in Light Electric Vehicles. And we haven’t stopped dreaming.

From our 60,000 sqft facility in Toronto, Canada, we have developed many award-winning, market-leading light electric vehicles.

The DAYMAK name is known nationwide for pioneering in transportation technology – scooters, bikes, ATVs, carts; you name it. We have committed ourselves throughout our entire history to make the world a cleaner, greener, better place, and to make Canada a tech leader when it comes to electric vehicles.

We are proud to show you our latest creation – the Spiritus. We believe this car to be one of the most innovative vehicles ever made, and we are excited to get it out to you summer 2023-2025.

Be Clean. Be Fast. Be Electric.

The future is coming for you.

We aren’t a soulless mega-corporation. We are a team of driven, talented, professionals with a revolutionary concept standing on the edge of the next major transportation awakening: The Green Travel Revolution.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? 

Choose the Spiritus if:

  • You want a quality electric car at an affordable price

  • You want a car being made by a quality manufacturer with a proven track record of innovation and success

  • You want a car from a team totally driven by the passionate goal to produce, clean, green, electric transport

  • You want a car from a trusted company you can build a relationship with

  • You are ready to be the change you want to see in the world- and go green

1. Select Your REWARD

We offer a wide selection of high value perks and rewards for this project.

When you select your perk, you are putting your name down for the Spiritus when it’s ready. To get your name on that list puts you in the every first tier of the product launch.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also be getting a voucher, good for money off a selection of our ready-to-purchase Light Electric Vehicle Products from Daymak, the brand you know and love. 

Never used a Daymak product before? Our gift to you in this campaign is money towards an LEV of your own, to get your started, while we get the Spiritus ready to take the world by (electrical) storm. 

2. Spread The Love By Joining Our Affiliate Program: The GREEN ARMY

We are actively looking for ambassadors and influencers to join our movement. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 follower, or a million – if you like what you’re seeing, come join the team. And for your help in our mission to make a greener world, you can get cool free merchandise, ebikes, a full car or direct monetary compensation.

Everything counts in large amounts. Every ebike or ecar or electric vehicle that you help us put on the planet will impact directly by reducing harmful emissions entering the atmosphere compared to diesel buses or gas vehicles.

We need your help to make this project a reality. The Spiritus electric car is in prototype stages. To prove there is a market in the world and bring our assembly plant to life in Toronto, Ontario we need 50,000 pre-orders. This is to prove to the bankers, the skeptics, the government and the negative wrong. Anything is possible. This project will create over 500 full time jobs in the green industry and you can be part of that success. Help us make a difference. We can design it, engineer it, test it but without your support we can not achieve it.

Make a difference. Take action. Let’s get it done! 

3. Support The Cause With Your Network

We all have social media these days, and whether you have 10 followers or a million, every ounce of support filters right down to the bottom line: Getting The Spiritus made, and making affordable electric cars accessible to the modern commuter.

If you are an influencer who has fallen in love with The Spiritus, give us a call! And If you’re simply a passionate advocate for the future of Electric, we are equally thrilled to hear from you. 

4. Join Our Community

The Spiritus wouldn’t be possible without the support and interest of our backers. We want to keep you in the loop at every turn, so you can be assured your car is being crafted properly every step of the way.

And you won’t just be on the ground floor of the Spiritus, you’ll be on the ground floor of the Avvenire Series: A six-part light electric vehicle series, including a fully enclosed recumbent bike, an off-road bike, an enclosed ATV, and even a personal flying device. All electric, all coming to you.

But First: The Spiritus and You.

Connecting with us in this campaign ensures you’ll be the first to know as we launch all our revolutionary products we have planned for the coming years. Be part of our revolution, by staying in touch. 

our product and our timeline

The Spiritus is in prototype phase and is currently set for delivery in 2023-2025. As a prototype, our product is in an exciting phase of development. This is your chance to get on the ground floor of this revolutionary product. Check out our timeline!

Want to Keep In Touch?
We’d love you to! 

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Spiritus Prototype

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Spiritus Prototype II

Jan 2023
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Spiritus Prototype Modification and Testing

Jun 2023
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Spiritus Final Testing / Certification

Jul 2023
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Spiritus Mold Development

Sep 2023
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Spiritus Ultimate First Deliveries

Dec 2023
Dec 2023

Spiritus Deluxe Production & Assembly

Feb 2024
Feb 2024

Spiritus Deluxe First Deliveries

the buzz is electric

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Aldo Baiocchi

President of Daymak Inc.

Mike Chow

VP of R&D

Mauro Carignano

Mechanical engineering and the Ph.D.

Fabian Magri

Senior product designer

Javier Ciabatari

Mechanical engineer

Simon Wang


Sang Huynh


Ali Aboubih


Anthony Zhang


Hyram Baquirin

Industrial Designer

Wing Yeung

Industrial Designer

Akili Sylvester


Eduardo Diaz


Alessandro Caselli




Tobias Duschl

ex Tesla Senior Director reported directly to Elon Musk

Tobias Duschl is the vice president of Operations at Modsy. He has extensive experience in establishing programs customers love and scaling operations to support rapid company growth. Before joining Modsy, Tobias established the Operations function at 3D printing startup Relativity Space, growing the company by 3X and its infrastructure footprint by 10X, as well as supporting fundraising for its Series C. 

During his tenure at Tesla, from 2012 – 2018, Tobias served as Senior Director of Business Operations in Tesla’s Best-in-Class service organization. In this role he oversaw business planning, program management, go to market, and advanced analytics for an organization whose customer base grew from 1,000 to 500,000+ during his tenure. He reported directly to Elon Musk. 

Prior to Tesla, Tobias worked at BMW Group, as an economics researcher at the University of Zurich, as well as a consultant at regulatory consulting >rm Swiss Economics. Tobias’ academic background is in Economics, with an MSc (summa cum laude) from the University of Munich and a PhD (summa cum laude) in Management & Economics from the University of Zurich. He has been a guest lecturer in Operations Strategy at Duke University, ESADE Business School, and the Technical University of Zurich (ETH).

Tobias will help management evolve Daymak into a much larger company. 


Gabriel Iosif

P. Engineer Automotive Specialist
experience include Bugatti/ Ferrari

Gabriel Iosif is an Automotive mechanical design engineer with experience for concept, R&D, CAD, engineering – frames, suspensions, steering, brakes, powertrains, and final assembly of factories. He is also an expert in homologation and standards/regulations compliance management (EC, FMVSS, FIA) and automotive projects management, as well as extensive experience with electric vehicles (more than 25 projects in the last 25 years, from citycars to commercial vehicles and supercars.)

Previous experiences include CTO at Haveelar Canada, Technical director at SLC (Super light cars), Project Manager Engineer at Aptera. Gabriel developed (carbon fiber) parts for supercars (Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti etc.) and racing cars (F1, IRL , Le Mans Prototypes, F3) under SLC (Super Light Cars) SpA, ATR – Composites Group, Colonnella, TE. 

Gabriel will help Daymak with homologations and final design of the Spiritus Car. 


Robert Abenante

Seasoned officer/director of various public and private companies

Robert Abenante is a seasoned executive with extensive private and public company experience. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) who also holds a Masters in Professional Accounting. After his tenures with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte, Robert founded and/or served as an officer/director of several public and private companies across various industries, ranging from green energy and mining to technology and life sciences. He is currently the Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer at IoniX Pro Battery Technologies Inc., focusing on creating advanced battery products and bringing them to the global markets. Robert is an avid automotive enthusiast who grew up building, marketing and selling high performance vehicles. 

Select a perk

By clicking “Add to Cart” I agree to the Spiritus Pre-Order Agreement, and consent to be contacted at the number provided with more information or offers about Daymak products. I understand these calls or texts may use automated dialling or pre-recorded messages. I understand my consent to be contacted is not a condition of purchase.

Package #1 $100* ($1,250 VALUE)

  • $100 deposit towards purchase
  • $100 off coupon for any ebikes from any of our dealers worldwide
  • Special Daymak Merch (a tuque or a Baseball cap)
  • Daymak Avvenire Membership Card for life
  • Locked in the price of Spiritus at $21,495.00 instead of the 2023 price of $22,995.00. (Save $1500.00) 

* Price in USD. 

Package #2 $200* ($1,750 VALUE)

  • $200 deposit towards purchase
  • $200 off coupon for any ebikes from any of our dealers worldwide
  • DAYMAK AVVENIRE GIFT BOX (OVER $115 VALUE). Get all the gorgeous Daymak Merch and keep updated on our projects!
  • Package includes:
  • Coffee mug $15.00
  • Pen $39.99
  • Key chain $15.00
  • Agenda $15
  • Tuque $24.99
  • Baseball cap $24.99
  • Daymak Avvenire Membership Card for life
  • Locked in the price of Spiritus at $21,495.00 instead of the 2023 price of $22,995.00. (Save $1500.00) 

* Price in USD. 

Package #3 $500* ($1,000 VALUE)

  • $500 deposit towards purchase
  • $500 off from additional options (Car, or Ebike of Choice of Car Upgrades)
  • $200 off coupon for any ebikes from any of our dealers worldwide
  • DAYMAK AVVENIRE GIFT BOX that includes the items: 
  1. USB agenda (Value $49.00);
  2. Your choice of a knapsack, Daymak Avvenire Luggage, or watch;
  3. Daymak Avvenire Membership Card for life;
  4. Locked in the price of Spiritus at $21,495.00 instead of the 2023 price of $22,995.00. (Save $1500.00) 

* Price in USD. 

Package #4 $1,000* ($3,500 VALUE)

  • $1000 deposit towards purchase
  • $1000 towards the SPIRITUS price
  • $500 towards Upgrades including Turbo Mining upgrade (mine up to 30% more)
  • $200 off coupon for any ebikes from any of our dealers worldwide
  • DAYMAK AVVENIRE GIFT BOX that includes the items: 
  1. Daymak Avvenire  Jacket + Luggage + Knapsack;
  2. Daymak Avvenire Membership Card for life;
  3. 3D File that you can print on 3D printers of small scale;
  4. Locked in the price of Spiritus at $21,495.00 instead of the 2023 price of $22,995.00. (Save $1500.00) 

* Price in USD. 

Package #5 $10,000* ($20,000 VALUE)

  • $10,000 deposit towards purchase
  • $2000 off coupon for any ebikes from any of our dealers worldwide
  • $ 3,000 towards + Founder Edition Special Package
  • VIP Daymak Avvenire Package (2 gift box)  (including signature watches (2), set of luggage (2),  jackets (2))
  • Scaled version 1/10 Spirits Collector Item (100) signed printed
  • Original Artwork Designed Poster signed
  • Option to convert to shares on IPO at a discounted rate instead of delivery of the car
  • Daymak Avvenire Membership Card for life
  • Locked in the price of Spiritus at $21,495.00 instead of the 2023 price of $22,995.00. (Save $1500.00) 

* Price in USD. 

Package #6 $50,000* deposit towards Ultimate SPIRITUS (50)

  • $50,000 deposit towards purchase
  • First 50 units. Founder’s package. Ultimate Version. Limited edition
  • Factory tour opening event invitation.
  • Custom colours can be chosen by the buyer (limited edition colors)
  • An invitation to be featured in a Daymak video as a prototype test rider, video can then be featured on our social platforms. (this could have added cache if it was paired with an influencer)
  • Available customizations
  • Meet and greet  lunch event at Daymak HQ including +Hotel accommodations
  • Scaled version 1/10 Spirits Collector Item (100) signed
  • Original Designed Poster signed
  • Option to convert on IPO at a discounted rate instead of delivery
  • Exclusive V.I.P. Daymak Avvenire Package

* Price in USD. 

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