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At DAYMAK, we make statements, not emissions. A Toronto-based company incorporated in 2002, DAYMAK has built a reputation for pioneering in, and pushing the boundaries of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) in Canada. With 20 years of excellence, we continue to redefine powered mobility, empowering individuals to find the fastest, coolest, greenest modes of transportation.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of LEV technology by reducing CO2 emissions one electric vehicle at a time. We aim to do this vertical integration from development through to global distribution. All the while ensuring our customers come first.

With our new, all-electric Avvenire Series, we are not selling electric vehicles; we are giving people access to a greener future that they never thought was possible. So come see for yourself and become part of it. Go fast, go green. 

Founded in


Number of LEVs Sold


Amount of CO2 Saved

70,000+ tons


At Daymak, we live by the core philosophy that the gap between now and what is to come in e-vehicle technology is bridged by imagination. The Avvenire Series was designed with a connected, accessible future in mind. These futuristic, electric vehicles are being built to the specifications of tomorrow, to redefine mobility. With cutting edge technology in all our designs, whether you’re going out on a bike ride, or if you’re hopping into your autonomous, flying vehicle, the Avvenire Series will propel you into a safer, greener, and more efficient future. With Daymak, get tomorrow today.


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